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Welcoming Members & Guests to the Whittlesea Bowls Club

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Located within the Northern Suburbs and Whittlesea Township

The Whittlesea Bowls Club is located within the northern suburbs of Melbourne and located on Church Street the main road within the Whittlesea Township. The Whittlesea Bowls Club places a lot of emphasis on community and friendship. 

The club has recently undergone a major renovation that was completed in February 2021. The club now boasts a 150 seat function room, sports bar with a large TV video wall, dedicated TAB area and large bistro with a indoor playground. Whether you need to host a function or just looking for a family meal the Whittlesea Bowls Club has it all. We would love to see you soon at the Whittlesea Bowls Club.


Whittlesea Bowls Club inc. was founded on the 10th October 1955, following a meeting called the Shire President Cr.L.Mitchell. The Meeting held at the RSL Hall, consisting of interested District Residents, Shire Representatives & current Victoria Bowls Association members. It was reported in the “Whittlesea Post” dated 13th October 1955, that after receiving a Debenture guarantee of 850 Pounds from the Local Community, the meeting proposed to proceed with the purchase of Freehold land. Upon this land they would construct 2 Lawn Bowls Greens & associated Clubrooms. The estimated cost for the project totaled 3,700 pounds. Prominent Whittlesea resident Mr. Coding offered for development, the centrally located Lots 2,3 & 4 Church St. known then as “Pine Pot” at a cost of 850 Pounds. The land was purchased, various Permits/Loans sought & approved, with construction commencing during 1956. Apart from sporting functions of Bowls it was agreed that construction of the new Club would “beautify” the town and kinder a fellowship for residents of the Local Community.


The green in front of the clubhouse was constructed and prepared with voluntary labour during the first year of formation. Although bowls first commenced during 1956 the green was not formally opened until March 1957. It was reported that there were 300 Members and guest in attendance at the opening which was conducted by the then President of the RVBA Mr.A.Holbrook.

The first green was subsequently dedicated the “Coulthard Green” in respect of Jim Coulthard who was an original Member and who passed away suddenly during 1973 whilst serving as President and Greenkeeper of the Club.

The Green was first lit for night bowls during 1957 and further interest required a more modern system. Late 2000 we seen a new modern 4 pole non-shadow electric light system installed to enhance our new constructed “Coulthard Green” which underwent substantial renovations and redressed with “Tift-Dwarf” to give us a 12 month continuous playing surface.

The second green installed in 1963 was not used to the fullest at that time but as the years past and more Bowls Tournaments played it soon was a great asset. The Green in 1986 has now been dedicated the “Sam Snell Green” in respect of our Foundation Member and President.


The building of the first clubhouse was approved by the Committee in April 1956. The building was commenced by special Sub-Committee set up under the leadership of Mr. W.Smith assisted by Keith Downey a Foundation Member.
The materials used were purchased at reduced prices and with local people the work commenced. The Clubhouse consisted of a kitchen [part of this room for the ladies], the main hall which extended to where the West end pillars stand, a Mens room and Office about where the main Honour Board is hung.
Outdoor toilets were used in the early days. Further expansion of the Clubhouse was undertaken in 1962, improving the facilities at the time. These provided additional kitchen space added main hall and indoor toilet facilities for both Ladies & Men. During the mid 1970 it was realised that to progress even further that the Club should be fully licensed. This action would enable more sporting activities to be accomplished and also assist financially with the Club being able to improve the Greens and outdoor activities.
A special Sub-Committee was convened in 1978 to plan for those proposals and have Members accept that this was achievable. Following much activity during 1978 and 1979 the first stage was completed. Additional kitchen space was provided together with showers and other improvements in the Main Hall.
The Bar was completed during 1980 and trading actually commenced early November, In 1982 further alterations began including a Storeroom for the Bar, enclosed the side Veranda area and in larger Office. Also finally complemented with new carpet throughout.
Additional improvements were again carried out during 1990 with complete new toilets connected to sewerage, expanded and modern kitchen, new office and a lounge area with access to the Bar.
In 1996 the Club was offered Tabaret Gaming Machines to provide Members with many improvements and financial success. We then elected a Board of Directors to establish a Gaming Room with facilities for 25 machines. We constructed a Bistro, Gaming Room, main Foyer, Car Parking facilities, employed a Gaming Manager with a small staff of 7.
To meet the growth and the resultant community use of the Club further expansion was carried out in 2003 Stage I Extension of the existing Bowls Office to include a meeting room, Office for the Manager and Administration staff, Additional Toilets for Gaming Room Customers, Storage Room and Cool Room for Drink Machines. Extension of Bar into Bistro Area.
In 2020 the club underwent its largest renovation. The build took 14 months with Covid 19 extending its build time. The club was able to gain finance via the NAB bank and appointed DBG Projects as its builder. The club would refurbish 75% of the club while extending also. A 150 room Function Centre, a board room, staff room, new entrance and back of house was newly built. The existing bistro was refurbished with a kids playground added and the existing members area was turned into a sports bar and dedicated TAB/Keno area. An outside deck was also constructed overlooking the greens.

Membership :

Social Members:

Existing Social Member:

Membership renewal is $10.00. Renewal must be paid by 30th September.

New Social Member:     

Membership fee is $20.00.

Social Membership Benefits:

  • Participation in out Mix Rewards Loyalty Program
  • Discount on Food and Beveridge
  • Membership Pack with up to $50.00 worth of savings -
  • Access to Regular Member Only Promotions
  • No need to sign in on arrival
  • Discounts off Special Events
  • Birthday Bonus Points
  • Courtesy Bus use
  • Entry into our Members Cash Draws
  • Access to Kids Club

*conditions apply

Social Membership Form
Click Here for Social Membership Form

Full Bowls Membership:

A bowls membership enables all members to have the same benefits as a social member plus the use of the club’s greens and facilities. You will also be affiliated with Bowls Victoria and can represent the Whittlesea Bowls Club, have voting rights and rights to be on the Whittlesea Bowls Club relevant committees.

Junior and Service memberships are also available.

Please contact our bowls operations manager for more details:

Bowls Membership Form
Click here for Bowls Membership Form

Club Directors

Nick McIntyre

General Manager
Nick McIntyre joined the Whittlesea Bowls Club in 2015 as the Bowls Co-Ordinator and was made General Manager in 2018. Nick has worked in the hospitality industry for over 15 years working within the ALH and RSL network.

Geoff Aldous

Geoff Albous has been a board member since its inception in 1995 and is the current chairman. Geoff joined the club in 1982 and was made a Life Member in 2000.

Kevin Webster

Kevin Webster has been a board member since 2015. Kevin joined the club in the year 2000.

Andrew Ross

Andrew Ross has been a board member since 1994. Andrew joined the club in 2007. Andrew is also the clubs Greenkeeper a position he started in 1993.

Tony Wileman

Tony Wileman has been a board member since 2010. Tony joined the club in 2007.

Neil Owen

Neil Owen has been a board member since it’s inception in 1995. Neil has been a chairman of the board in the past. Neil joined the club in 1974 and was made a Life Member in 1995.

Harry Northrop

Harry Northrope has been a board member since it’s inception in 1995. Harry served as the first chairman of the board in 1995. Harry joined the club in 1983 and was made a Life Member in 2011.

David Lyndsay

David Lindsay is the newest board member and joined in 2020. David joined the club in 2006.

Sponsored Clubs and Organizations:

The Whittlesea Bowls Club is committed to supporting community organisations and sporting clubs in and around the Whittlesea Township. The Whittlesea Bowls Club also supplies its facilities for the following:


Responsible Gambling

Whittlesea Bowls Club is committed to conducting all aspects of Alcohol and Gaming Services in a Professional and Responsible manner as well as actively supporting the promotion and encouragement of Responsible Gambling. Whittlesea Bowls Club adheres to the Mercury Responsible Gambling Code Of Conduct. The code can be found below.

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